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November 17th, 2016

We have successfully participated to ELECTRONICA (Munich, Germany) - the most prestigious electronics fair in Europe.  

Our booth, was visited by > 400 visitors, existing and new distributors and customers.
The displayed products (especially in the DIN rail backup/redundancy/protection, the ultracompact and the special products range) received appreciation by major market players, confirming our achievements and opening new collaboration opportunities.

Digital implementations and outstanding communication features (e.g. products’ remote access by ANDROID devices) have triggered curiosity from knowledgeable specialists, that appreciated the functionality advantages.

By continuing our path through innovation, we proposed extensive power solutions, positioning
NEXTYS again as one of the most complete providers in the DIN rail market.

High interest was expressed for:
- the ultracompact 1 phase SMPS families NPSM121/241/481, the smallest on the market
- PSH150 - the first standard DIN rail power supply with 10kV isolation primary to secondary
- the innovative COMBO unit DCW20 - a digital DC-UPS that can be operated also as programmable, high power DC/DC converter with multiple features
- NDW240 - the first programmable 240W DC/DC converter that can convert any voltage between 11 and 55Vdc
- SBP200L - a programmable power supply with wide output range (24…120Vdc)
- NEF210 - an advanced 2 channels electronic overcurrent protector, featuring outstanding digital communication by ANDROID and Windows OS
- NCP12 - a 12V super capacitor pack to be used as battery substitute

Mature products as
BATTMASTER® (wireless battery monitoring system), NPS2400, the"W" series power supplies, etc. have received positive feedback from various users.

Our concept of offering multiple features and high functionality integration together with advanced digital technology and reasonable pricing proved again to be a winning strategy, able to differentiate us towards other market players.

We thank all our visitors for the time they have spent in our booth and the opportunity to develop our collaboration!

Introduction of SBP200L - 200W, 24…120V Programmable DIN Rail Power supply

October 5th, 2016

The market required an extension of our well known SBP200 programmable power (output 36…205Vdc) in order to cover output voltages from 24 to 120Vdc.
Therefore, by using the expertise achieved with the SBP200, we created a new versatile model - SBP200L - that fits a high number of applications.

SBP200L provides some outstanding features as:
• Digital regulation
• Wide input range (170…550Vac, 250...725Vdc)
• Wide output range
• Extended functionality: 2 step user settable output voltages, battery charger, LED lighting
• Parallelable
• Remote ON/OFF
• MODBUS over RS-485 interface
• Suitable for POWERMASTER software

SBP200L continues NEXTYS’ traditional “One For All” concept in a creative manner and offers multiple benefits to the user, especially in terms of inventory management and costs.
SBP200L is available from stock.

Introduction of NEF210 - 2 Channels Programmable DC Overcurrent Protector

August 31th, 2016

In order to extend our product line for the DC loads protection and following specific needs of the market, we are pleased to introduce an innovative DC overcurrent protector – NEF210.
NEF210 provides some outstanding features as:
- small size, same shape as a classic circuit breaker for DIN rail
- extended voltage range 10…30Vdc
- user settable (by keys or USB) tripping currents (2…10A) and speed
- signaling LEDs and programming keys
- tripping monitor by auxiliary static switch
- 2 fully independent channels, with remote rearming
- USB port for monitoring and set-up, through our free application
POWERMASTER (for Windows and Android)
- possibility of use as static relay of 10A/channel
NEF210 aims to become a part of the critical applications that need selectivity of the loads.
It will be available for sale on Q4/2016.

Introduction of Market First 10kV Isolation DIN Rail Power Supply

June 15th, 2016

Following a critical need of the market, especially related to energy management and telecom applications we released PSH150, as a standard product to complete our broad offer of DIN rail products.   
PSH150 is an advanced 150W, digitally regulated, programmable power supply with 10kV isolation between primary and secondary.
It has a class 2 construction and input range 90…277Vac.
The output can be set from 5 to 55Vdc, from the front panel or remotely (via USB or RS-485), allowing the use of various loads (e.g. servomotors).
It can be paralleled for power or redundancy (included ORing) and is provided with an auxiliary power supply of 12Vdc/0.1A.
PSH150 taps a broad market, with no direct competitor.
It will be available for sale on Q4/2016.

INFINEON Choses BATTMASTER® for Protecting a Semiconductor Plant Operation

January 4th, 2016

After a careful benchmarking of the BATTMASTER® - our innovative wireless battery monitoring system - the company FLUXPOWER (a major German UPS and battery service provider) decided to implement this system for the monitoring of 414 lead acid batteries used by the UPSs that backup the operations of the INFINEON semiconductor factory in Regensburg (Germany).

The reliability of the power backup is crucial to the activity of this plant, continued on 3 shifts and with critical processes. Battery performance is a key element of the system.

BATTMASTER® was winning the project due to its attractive price/performance, very short installation time and extended monitoring capability, with user friendly interface and detailed information available.

Within the first day of activation the system identified 3 non performant batteries, prompting the facility manager to their replacement.

The choice of INFINEON is another prestigious confirmation of the well-established record of
BATTMASTER® for critical, high battery amount applications.

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