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NUPS960-24 – General Purpose 960W, 24VDC UPS

September 20th, 2019

Most of the industrial applications need secure and clean DC power. On the same DC bus there may be several loads that can create power quality issues.

The new high power (24V/40A) NUPS960-24 DC UPS is solving in a compact and cost effective manner many of the power quality problems on the DC lines.

It is provided with several features as pluggable, high current connectors, thermal protection, battery reverse polarity, overcurrent and deep discharge.

It can be operated for any 24V battery (Pb or Li), max. 40Ah, in conjunction with a suitably rated 24V power supply.

NUPS960-24 will be available for the market in Q1/2020.

ENERGY STORAGE EVENT (Veldhoven- The Netherlands)

February 15th, 2019
NEXTYS is pleased to announce its participation, together with its partner A&C SOLUTIONS to a special event dedicated to the energy storage market, in an area where the renewable energy sources have a consistent presence - Belgium and Netherlands.
Our Battery Monitoring System (BATTMASTER®) was highly appreciated and the specific presentation for BMS was attended by > 60 specialists. A&C SOLUTIONS will dispatch professional support for BATTMASTER® and manage all inquiries that will arrive through the new dedicated website www.battmaster.eu.
We thank all visitors, attendees and the excellent organisators of the event!
TDK's subsidiary TDK-Lambda acquires Nextys SA to expand presence in DIN rail power supply market.

January 8th, 2019

Nextys is pleased to announce its integration in the TDK-Lambda group.
This operation is the result of the recognition of the innovation we brought in a dynamic market, in order to match the evolving needs of various customers.
The operation will strengthen our performance and enhance TDK-Lambda’s presence in a fast-growing segment.

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