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DIN Rail Power Solutions

DIN Rail Power Supplies and related products are an excellence field of Nextys. We have designed and manufactured various power supplies with AC (1/2/3 Phase) or DC (up to 750VDC) input or both AC and DC inputs. All families have various models rated according to the output voltage. Our products are covering a range from 85W to 2400W and they include the newest technologies for high efficiency, high reliability and best cost/performance ratio. All mechanics are custom designed.

We have pioneered some outstanding products as:

  • 2400W/3 phase input SMPS (first and unique on the market up to date) - NPS2400 family

  • 1/2/3 phase and DC input SMPS (NPSW family)

  • The most compact 120W/1 phase with first "universal" output voltage (11..28.5Vdc) - NPSM121 family

  • The most compact 480W/1 phase (56mm width)

  • The first DIN rail 200W power supply with universal input (187..525Vac) and programmable output voltage (36…205V)

  • The first DC-UPS with universal output voltage (12…28V), compliant with any battery chemistry

We have achieved expertise in special applications like naval, railway, harsh environment (e.g. providing IP65 protection, approvals for Hazardous Location, by RINA, etc.). Most of our products are UL approved or by other standards according to the customer’s request.
More than 1’000’000 units were successfully delivered during the last 10 years.

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