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NEXTYS at   (Munich) - Another HIT!

November 21th, 2012: We have successfully participated to ELECTRONICA (Munich, Germany) - the most prestigious electronics fair in Europe.

High reputation specialists and customers appreciated the innovative products we exhibited, many of them WORLD FIRST, as:
NPSW120, NPSW240, NPSW480 series - universal input SMPS series (187-550VAC; 280-725VDC) called rated 120/240/480W
NPS2400 series - 3 phase SMPS rated 2400W
DCU20 - 12…24VDC UPS with LCD, USB and battery internal resistance measurement
OR50 - CPU controlled redundancy module
BU150U - Self tracking 12…72V short time (30s) DC back-up unit
NPSM121 - market smallest 1 phase/120W DIN rail SMPS, with unlimited units parallel capability and universal output 12…28V

Other products as the
BATTMASTER® (wireless battery monitoring system) and USW1 - the innovative, patent pending smallest in-wall USB charger on the market have generated lots of interest.

We thank all our visitors for the time they dedicated to our products and the opportunity to develop the business!

DCU20 - A New Approach for 12/24V DC UPS

September 5th, 2012: DCU20 DC UPS represents a new solution for the DC systems that need a back-up. It is the first system on the market able to operate on both 12 and 24V systems.

It is provided with a user friendly color LCD that eases the set-up and monitoring. It can handle loads of up to 20A and can supply a maximum battery charge current of 5A. It can be used in conjunction with any suitably rated power supply. It supports various batteries chemistries (Pb, NiMH, Li-Ion) and offers multiple protection and operation features.
Temperature sensing and communication via USB are other distinctive features. The application software "POWERMASTER" allows remote monitoring and control of the unit.

NPSW480 - An Innovative 480W SMPS for 1/2/3 Phase and DC Input

July 5th, 2012: NEXTYS introduces another world technological premiere - the first 1/2/3 Phase and DC input 480W power supply for industrial use, the NPSW480 family (output voltages: 24/48/72Vdc).

Combining the features of several units in one only, it is user friendly for many applications. With an AC input range of 187 to 550Vac (PF Corrected, 2 or 3 wires connection) and a DC range of 250-750Vdc, Compactness, hi-efficiency and reasonable cost are other distinctive features.
NPSW480 is the ideal solution for "on the field" configurations and worldwide use. Renewable energy is another area of excellence for its use.
NPSW480 is UL certified.

BATTMASTER® - New Version Available

June 8th, 2012: NEXTYS  releases officially the new generation of BATTMASTER®, the advanced wireless battery monitoring system. It is distinguished by many new features and excellent price/performance.

Both the Hardware and the Software were consistently improved. The DAMs have better accuracy, less power consumption and more communication reliability. The battery internal resistance measurement was improved. The Central Unit is provided standard with LAN, USB and GSM communication and can be operated independently from a PC.
The application software presents a new look, more intuitive and complete, a new database and the possibility to remotely control the systems via a browser.

NEXTYS Booth at    - A Great Success!

May 14th, 2012: From 8 to 10 May we have participated to PCIM (in Nuremberg) - the most prestigious power electronics fair in Europe.

Our booth was visited by many customers and suppliers, the displayed products (OEM or Nextys brand) received special attention from many professionals.
High appreciation was expressed towards the innovative (first on the market) universal input series (187-550Vac; 280-725Vdc) called NPSW120, NPSW240 and NPSW480 rated 120/240/480W. The versatility of these units (they can  be used in many industrial applications, but also in the renewable energy systems), their excellent reliability and price / performance ratio are a good platform for their continuous success on the market. Interest was captured by the NPS2400 series of power supplies (2400W), the DCU20 DC UPS, the OR50 CPU controlled ORing unit and the
BATTMASTER® wireless battery monitoring system.
USW1 - the innovative, patent pending smallest in-wall USB charger on the market has attracted a lot of positive opinions.
We thank all our visitors for the time they have spent in our booth and the opportunity to develop our collaboration!

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