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NPSM241 rated by UL at 70°C!

October 15
th, 2015: The family NPSM241(1 phase input / 240W, ultra compact DIN rail power supply) has been successfully UL certified (according to UL508) for operating at full load up to 70°C.

This outstanding behavior for a standard product, combined with the small size and 150% overload capability allows the use of the NPSM241in demanding applications, normally satisfied by higher-class, more expensive products.

NPMS241 allows the user set-up of the current limitation algorithm (constant current or HICCUP) and the connection in parallel for power for an unlimited number of units. As an option the units can be provided with internal ORing circuitry ("P" models). 72V models are offered as standard, by considering the increasing demand in automation.

Collaboration with CONRAD (Germany)

September 17th, 2015: We are pleased to announce the introduction of NEXTYS products in the standard offer of CONRAD (www.conrad.de), the well-known B2B and B2C online shop.

Present on several markets in Europe, CONRAD offers >600’000 products, addressing both private and business customers.
It has a growing market penetration, due to careful selection of products and suppliers, in straight relation with the market trends and needs.
This prestigious collaboration is a new confirmation of some unique features our products are offering.

Market Smallest DIN Rail Wide Input Range Power Supply

July 10
th, 2015: NPSW25-24 – a 25W, the market smallest DIN rail universal input (1/2 Phases or DC) power supply was released.

This unique product implements in a small volume and comfortable shape specific features as:
- Input voltages between 120 to 500Vac and 150 to 725Vdc

Output voltage 24Vdc/1A
Small footprint (72mm width)
Its applications are those systems where simple, universal input and cost effective DIN rail power supplies are needed. Volume orders can be shipped in October 2015.

PCB Mountable Power Supply with Universal Input!

June 10
th, 2015: We have released PSW5-5 – a 5W, universal input (1/2/3 Phases or DC) PCB mountable power supply.

Another "world first!", this module accommodates in a small volume unique features as:
- Input voltages between 120 to 450Vac and 150 to 700Vdc

Output voltage 5Vdc/1A, compliant with the power needs of many digital controllers on the market
Small footprint (22 x 52.5mm)
Its applications are mainly digital systems where simple, universal input and cost effective embedded power supplies are needed.

NEXTYS  Releases Market’s First Programmable DIN Rail Power Supply!

January 7
th, 2015: Following its “ME FIRST!” strategy Nextys announces the release of SBP200, the first user programmable DIN rail power supply.

SBP200 has a unique implementation, based on advanced digital techniques, featuring a wide input range (1/2 Phases, 170…528Vac) and a digitally programmable output voltage with an extreme range: 36…205Vdc.
Its versatility makes it the perfect candidate for many applications, as a replacement for several other products.
SBP200 is a new milestone in the extensive use of our proprietary digital control algorithms. It will be followed by other similar products, aimed to integrate maximum functionality in one unit.

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