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OR50 - ORING Controller

October 3th, 2011: OR50 responds to a wide range of applications where redundancy of DC power supplies is needed.

It allows the paralleling of the output of any 2 identical power supplies with any current up to 50 A and voltages 12V to 90V.

USW1 - Ultra Compact In Wall USB Power Supply (5V/0.5A)

September 29th, 2011: USW1 is the first  ultra compact (22 mm width) USB charger (2.5W) to be hosted by a standard wall mount enclosure (as the one used for power outlets or switches, normally produced by various brands). It is developed by the newest technology, in order to achieve low cost  and compliance to all safety and EMC related standards.

CSW241 - 240W, the First 1, 2, 3 phase + DC Input Power Supply!

September 27th, 2011: CSW241 wide range input (187-550Vac, 250-725Vdc) power supply family is the  first family of real universal input connection- 1, 2, 3phase or DC is possible! It is the natural choice for all applications where the input wiring/ mains conditions are clarified in the last minute or the voltage may reach extreme limits. It eases  the management of parts stock in complex systems. It can be used for renewable energy systems (PV or wind turbines). CSW241 has high efficiency and compact size - a must for the critical size applications.

CSW241 is UL certified as per UL508 standard.

DISIM2 - 2nd Generation Rack Mounted GSM Network Test System

September 20th, 2011: DISIM2 represents the new generation of the well  known DISIM products, used for GSM networks testing. It implements a new, cost effective technology and improves the way of managing the SIM cards, allowing front access to the sockets. The product, a result of important development efforts will be released  to the market in Q1/2012 through our partner SUNTIS

NPS2400 – New High Power, High End SMPS

September 5th, 2011: A technological breakthrough was achieved by the new family of 3 phase input, 2400 W, digitally controlled power supply called NPS2400. Offering high efficiency,  PFC, user friendly interface with rich information and versatile modes of operation it is targeting the industrial applications requiring reliability. The units can be paralleled up to 4 for power increase (9600W). They can provide 12/24/48/72 and 170Vdc  (model dependent). A battery charging function is implemented.

NPS2400 will be released to the market in Q4/2011.

WEPS160 - 160W Power Supply for Elevator Applications

June 27th, 2011: WEPS160-26 is a 160W power supply with wide range input (187-550Vac) specially developed for worldwide elevator applications. It can be operated at 70°C and presents Level IV immunity to surge. Its high efficiency, a common feature for many Nextys products, allows the respect of the environment and increases its life time. It eases the service operations by a status LED related to overcurrent or overtemperature protection tripping.

WEPS160-26 respects specific elevator standards as EN12015, EN12016.

CSW121 - 120W, "Green", Ultrawide Range Power Supply for "Heavy Duty" Applications

July 18th, 2011: CSW121 wide range input (187-550Vac, 250 - 725 Vdc) power supply family represents the  natural choice for all applications where the input voltage variation reaches extreme limits. It can be fed in with 1 phase or 2 phase connection, but also by the DC bus of renewable energy systems (PV or wind turbines). CSW121 is the  ideal solution for lean management of parts stock in complex systems without known end user geographical area or mains characteristics. Its high efficiency and extremely compact size offers a premium for all space stressed applications.

CSW121 is UL certified as per UL508 standard.

DCR10LA - 10W, DC/DC Converter for Railway Application

June 6
th, 2011: DCR10LA is a 10W DC/DC converter (input voltage: 66-137.5 Vdc) specially developed for railway applications.  It offers a reliable solution for operating in high temperature environment and with consistent vibration regime. DCR10LA offers a cost effective solution for a demanding field of application.

DCR10LA is compliant to the railway gear specific standards, particularly to EN51055.

Delivery of the 500’000th Power Supply

April 10
th, 2011: An important milestone was celebrated in Quartino - the delivery of the 500’000th power supply designed and manufactured by Nextys!

This valuable achievement proofs the continuous increase of Nextys products’ market recognition. Nextys will remain committed to innovation, excellent cost/performance ratio and high quality standards for both products and services.

GUS - GSM Network Test System

May 24
th, 2011: A new product - called "GUS" - related to the GSM networks’ testing was released, in collaboration with our partner SUNTIS. Based on advanced technology it allows remote connection of 10 cell phones to SIM cards, by use of dedicated software. It is an important step ahead in the DISIM family of products.

BPS1 - Ultra Low Cost SMPS for 50Hz Transformer Replacement

February  21
th, 2011: BPS1 is a 18W switching mode power supply (input:90-265Vac) specially developed for replacing 50 Hz transformer based power supplies in home appliances (e.g. the charger for  electric tooth  brush). The requirement comes from the need of respecting the new regulations related to standby power (e.g. Energy Star) and the use of a unique device for worldwide voltages. Active overcurrent and thermal protection is included. The  product is used with potted enclosures.

BPS1 elegantly solves the hard challenge of keeping the cost and volume equivalent to the 50 Hz (legacy) solution , by using latest technology available and smart design.
BPS1 is compliant to the relevant EMC and safety standards.

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