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BATTMASTER® 868 - Pilot System for Swiss Railways

July 26th, 2007: a BATTMASTER® 868 test system was installed for monitoring 64pcs. UPS batteries of a Swiss Railways (SBB) station control center.This specific critical application requires quickest possible alarm communication to the system supervisor. An SMS containing the system's and battery's ID and type of abnormality is generated anytime a battery has problems - to one or more recipients. This solution provides reliable alarm dispatch and immediate failure identification, with no extra time requested for problem finding.

BATTMASTER® 868 - Installation for the Computer Center of ETH Zurich in Manno (Switzerland)

April 23th, 2007: A successful installation of the BATTMASTER® 868 was performed for monitoring the UPS batteries of the Computer Center of Polytechnic Institute of Zurich (ETH) - CSCS - located in Manno, Tessin.

There are 4x 300 kVA UPS's and the batteries were monitored by a legacy, wired Battery Monitoring System (BMS), with limited performance.
NEXTYS BMS for this critical system (it monitors 396 batteries organized in 12 strings) was set up after 10 months of extensive testing of a demo system by the customer.  BATTMASTER® 868 was confirmed as the best player in satisfying the specific requirements of this application. Its fast and extensive data logging helps in taking important decisions related to the system's maintenance and reliability preservation.

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