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TDK-Lambda Newsroom

TDK-Lambda EMEA Statement on Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

veröffentlicht : 10 Mar 2020

TDK-Lambda takes the situation very seriously.
To prevent the coronavirus from spreading in its facilities worldwide, TDK-Lambda EMEA has implemented strict guidelines for business trips, prohibiting all trips outside of the EMEA Region and severely restricting trips between countries within the EMEA Region. In addition, all travelers – whether on business or private trips – who could not avoid a stay or stopover in risk countries or regions are instructed to work from home or self-isolate upon return for a period of two weeks. Moreover, extensive precautions are taken for visitors to our facilities.
Up to now there is no reported Coronavirus case within TDK-Lambda nor the wider TDK Corporation. A bundle of prevention and control measures have been implemented at all TDK-Lambda’s sites in Asia including a daily body temperature checks and enhanced, hygiene measures
Within China there have been restrictions on capacity of our own plants and those of some of our suppliers, due to restrictions on operators returning to work after the Chinese New year holiday.  These have gradually been easing so that capacity now exceeds 90% and is expected to return to normal in the coming weeks. There has been some knock-on effect on component availability affecting Malaysia. However due to increased stock levels to cover Chinese New Year and the high proportion of supply chain via sea freight, we do not foresee any significant problems with supply in EMEA until at least early-mid April, by which time the supply situation in China is expected to be almost normal, which should allow expediting of any shipments then at risk of being overdue.
The Management of TDK-Lambda worldwide are continuously reviewing the situation and will take all necessary actions to avoid problems to our Customers. If you have any concerns over your shipments, please contact your local TDK-Lambda Representative or Sales Office.
Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our Employees who have approached these problems in a positive and well-motivated way.