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AC-DC Power Supplies


20A Non-isolated SMT POL Converters

The iAF series is one of TDK-Lambda's second generation DOSA-2 compatible Point of Load, surface mount DC-DC converters. The product's fully optimised control loop provides excellent transient response characteristics, without the need for external loop components. Measuring 33 x 13.5mm, the product will deliver 20A (25% more than the iAA/iAC models) from either a 3.3V / 5V or 12V nominal input with efficiency levels of up to 93.5%.


  • Fully Optimised Control Loop with Excellent Transient Response
  • DOSA Compatible Footprint
  • LGA or EPC Format
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status View PDF datasheet
iAF12020A007V-007-R 14 0.7V - 5.5V / 20A Open Frame DOSA smt Current product   View PDF datasheet
Key : Current product

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TDK-Lambda’s SMT 3A to 20A DC-DC converters comply with 2nd-Gen DOSA standard for PoL converters
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