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Programmable Power Supplies

AC-DC Power Supplies


High end programmable 300W and 1,000W DC electronic loads

The series comprises of 300W (3U high half-rack) and 1,000W (3U high full-rack) power levels and either a 120Vdc or 500Vdc maximum rating. The units operate in 7 different load modes and 4 operating modes. This allows the user to perform up to 17 different load tests on DC power supplies, fuel cells, solar cells, batteries and components to fully characterise their performance.

The loads can be programmed for multiple load types, including constant current, constant resistance, constant power, external control, short circuit, and constant voltage with a current limit. The operating modes are normal, pulsed load (dynamic time and frequency), complex waveform generation and "sweep" to test and determine a product's voltage-current, overcurrent or power limit characteristics. Eight load settings can be stored internally.

Up to 10 units may be paralleled in a master-slave arrangement for higher power requirements. Multiple SFL loads can also be connected to separate devices for synchronised load control and dynamic operation. The series can be programmed using analogue or digital signals, with an optional ripple and noise measurement and IEEE interface.



  • 300W and 1,000W Power in 3U High Half or Full Rack Sizes
  • 120V and 500V Maximum Voltages
  • Stable High Speed Current Control and Slew Rate
  • Seven Operating Modes: CC, CR, CP, CV, EXT, Short, CV with current limit
  • Control Via Front Panel, USB, Remote Analog or Optional IEEE Interface


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Part number Power Output info Construction Status View PDF datasheet
SFL 120-60-300 300W 120V / 60A
3U Rack Current product   View PDF datasheet
SFL 120-180-1K 1kW 120V / 180A
3U Rack Current product   View PDF datasheet
SFL 500-12-300 300W 500V / 12A
3U Rack Current product   View PDF datasheet
SFL 500-36-1K 1kW 500V / 36A
3U Rack Current product   View PDF datasheet
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SFL High end programmable 300W and 1,000W DC electronic loads video

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300W and 1,000W programmable electronic DC loads offer multiple operating modes, high-speed response times and linear start-up from 0V
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