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Custom solutions from TDK-Lambda

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Power+ Solutions

What if a standard power supply doesn't meet your specifications?

Do you need an additional cable, a special enclosure or another custom adjustment?

The answer is Power+ Solutions.

This program transforms a standard product into a unique solution that you can immediately integrate into your applications, without worrying about issues like approvals, EMC, or supplier selection.

TDK-Lambda's Power+ Solutions to solve your system's power requirement

All elements of the power supply are customizable to exactly meet the requirements of the system. These include the following aspects:-

EMI Filter

Custom defined cabling / connectors

Standard power supply

We select the optimal power supply from our extensive range of over 4000 models as the foundation for your application. This enables us to:

Thermal Management

Customized mechanical housing (chassis)


PCB for additional voltages, functions and filters


We are able to implement any signals / controls required by the system including

Power+ Solutions from TDK-Lambda include custom design adjustments and various modifications to standard power supplies and "Brick on Board" solutions, based on our extensive product portfolio and expertise, covering from 0.6V to 50kV and 1W to 50kW AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.

Modifications and Custom Designs According to Customer Specifications

The power supply is tailored to the customer's individual requirements.

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Benefits of our Power+ Solutions

Safety, Compliance, Quality and Testing

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