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TDK-Lambda EMEA Statement on Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

veröffentlicht : 10 Feb 2022

TDK-Lambda EMEA continues to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic on a daily basis and taking all necessary actions in response. We remain as vigilant as ever, particularly as we still see significant levels of infection as new variants continue to emerge across much of EMEA and other parts of the world.

Many of our customers are engaged in vital industries, particularly Healthcare, and other essential sectors .Therefore TDK-Lambda EMEA is using its best efforts to respond effectively whilst protecting the health and welfare of our employees and strictly following Government guidelines and instructions. We are pleased to note that vaccination programs are now reaching high levels of uptake and that this is leading to a significant easing of restrictions.

To minimise the spread of coronavirus in its facilities worldwide, TDK-Lambda EMEA has implemented strict guidelines for business trips, severely restricting trips outside of the EMEA Region and significantly restricting trips between countries within the EMEA Region. Moreover, we have discouraged most visitors to our facilities and extensive strict precautions are taken for essential visitors.

A series of prevention and control measures have been implemented at all TDK-Lambda’s sites including Social Distancing and enhanced hygiene measures.  

Our manufacturing operations are operating close to normal whilst following the social distancing and other risk mitigation procedures. Our dedicated teams are working hard to minimise the impacts of the well documented global supply chain situation caused, in part, by Covid. Freight costs are being closely monitored but still remain above pre – Covid levels at this time.  We will continue to do our utmost to respond to the critical needs of our customers.

The Management of TDK-Lambda worldwide are continuously reviewing the situation and will continue to take all necessary actions to mitigate disruption to our Customers. For further information about your specific requirements, please contact your local TDK-Lambda Representative or Sales Office.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our Employees who have approached these challenges in a positive and well-motivated way.