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TDK Invites You to Join TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021

veröffentlicht : 12 Oct 2021

Dear customer

I want to share something special with you. Our Corporate VC TDK Ventures is holding an informative event that I think you may be interested in attending. It pertains to materials, battery and energy fields including automotive, mobility and energy storage applications.   
Starting on October 18th, they are hosting their Energy Week 2021 - an exciting event with over 30 of the battery and energy fields ‘who’s who’ sharing their unique insights and experience. There will be one 2-hour interactive session per day for five days. Each session will feature thought leaders from academia, industry start-ups, and venture capital.    

#EnergyWeek2021 will generate a wider range of insights on how that industry is rapidly changing and what the future holds for it than any other energy-themed event in recent years.  

Each session features panel discussions, interactive polling, and live audience Q&A.

The schedule is as follows (all times are U.S. Pacific Time):    
    · Materials / Processing / Manufacturing on Oct 18, 6~8pm    
    · BMS / Modeling / Battery Data on Oct 19, 9~11am    
    · Charging / Safety / Infrastructure on Oct 20, 9~11am        
    · ESS / E-mobility / Grid on Oct 21, 6~8pm        
    · Mining / Battery Recycling on Oct 22, 9~11am    

Registration is free at

Established in 2019, TDK Ventures invests in startups to bolster innovation in materials science, energy/power, and related areas typically underrepresented in venture capital portfolios.