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50 years of TDK-Lambda in Germany

Our History

Since 1971, TDK-Lambda has been located in Germany. The German branch was founded as Lambda Power Supplies GmbH in Munich. Just two years later, the company relocated to Achern (Baden-Wuerttemberg). 
Today, TDK-Lambda Germany employs more than 100 people.
In addition to the German headquarters, the European central warehouse is also located at the Achern site, which supplies the entire European market with AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, programmable (laboratory) power supplies and EMC/EMI filters. At TDK-Lambda, a "power supply" is more than just an electronic device. It is the heart of our customers´ application and the core element for safety and reliability.

• 1948 Lambda – the typical start-up story. It all began in a backyard garage in a New York City precinct.

• 1966 Generating US$ 5 million in sales, Lambda is taken over by VEECO Vacuum Electronics Corp.

• 1971 Lambda Power Supplies GmbH is founded in Munich and relocated to Achern/Baden in 1973.

• 1988 Under the umbrella of Unitech Holding, the company becomes the market leader of power supply systems in America, Europe and Asia.

• 1996 Unitech Holding is taken over by the Siebe Group.

1999 - 2005

• 1999 With the merger of Siebe plc and BTR plc, Lambda is part of the new Invensys plc.

• 2001 Lambda Electronics GmbH, Achern, and Powerware GmbH, Karlsruhe, regroup to Powerware GmbH, Achern.

• 2001 Groundbreaking ceremony for the new company building in Achern

• 2001 Move to the new company building in Karl-Bold-Strasse in Achern.

• 2005 Lambda was acquired by TDK Corporation of Japan thus combining Lambda's expertise in power supply innovation with TDK's excellence in Ferrites and Multilayer Capacitor technology.

2006 - today

• 2006 Lambda Europe and North America are part of Densei Lambda Japan.

• 2008 Worldwide change of the company‘s name to TDK-Lambda.

• 2012 TDK-Lambda opens new European Logistics and Supply Centre in Germany.

• 2015 AEO-F certification completed by TDK-Lambda Germany.

• 2019 TDK-Lambda Germany acquired Nextys SA in Quartino Switzerland.

• 2019 Expansion of the logistics centre in Achern Germany.

More information about TDK-Lambda and our product portfolio can be found on our website.



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