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AC-DC Power Supplies

DRB 3 Phase

NEW RANGE 120/240W DIN-Rail power supplies

The DIN-Rail power supplies in the DRB series are our all-round talents. They can be used anywhere, from conventional switch cabinets and decentralised applications in machinery and systems through to information and communications technology. The series covers a range of different output voltages at 12, 24 and 48 volts, and users can choose between screw and push-in terminal blocks. All seven major electrical safety standards are covered, enabling global market access. The high degree of efficiency, the conservative thermal design and redundant overvoltage protection measures guarantee maximum system availability. Besides the reduced number of components, the product reliability is also supported by TDK-Lambda’s stringent testing requirements. All in all, the devices in the DRB 3 phase series offer an excellent balance between functionality and price.

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  • Wide 3 phase input range for global mains voltages
  • Power boost of 120% for 2s to support capacitive loads start-up
  • Parallel mode switch to activate load balancing behaviour
  • Two means of transient protection increase process stability
  • Fast OVP control protects sensitive loads
  • Very low inrush energy peak (I²t) saves cost for input line protection
  • Screw or push-in terminals available to serve individual connection needs
  • High efficiency and low stand-by losses contribute to an eco-friendly energy footprint
  • Strong CC overload behaviour secures process reliability under demanding load conditions
  • DC-OK and inhibit relay contacts for professional integration into applications control architecture
  • Designed to meet the 7 most accepted IEC safety standards

Product Range Information

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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status Datasheet
DRB120-12-3-A0 120 12V / 10A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB120-12-3-A1 120 12V / 10A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB120-24-3-A0 120 24V / 5A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB120-24-3-A1 120 24V / 5A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB240-24-3-A0 240 24V / 10A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB240-24-3-A1 240 24V / 10A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB240-48-3-A0 240 48V / 5A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
DRB240-48-3-A1 240 48V / 5A
Enclosed New product   Datasheet
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