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Power Supplies A to Z

We've included this handy glossary to help with the terminology & abbreviations relating to power products. Pick a letter below to begin, or download the glossary to refer to it whenever you like.

A From 'A' to 'AWG'
B From 'Back Electromotive Force (Back EMF)' to 'Bus Converter '
C From 'C' to 'Curve B (or Class B)'
D From 'dB' to 'Dynamic Load'
E From 'Earth' to 'External Fusing'
F From 'F' to 'Fusible Link'
G From 'Galvanic' to 'Grounded'
H From 'H' to 'Hz'
I From 'I ' to 'Isolation Voltage'
J From 'J ' to 'Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)'
K From 'K' to 'kWh'
L From 'L ' to 'LVD'
M From 'Magnetic Amplifier (Mag Amp)' to 'Multi-Resonant Topology (MRT)'
N From 'Nano ' to 'NTC'
O From 'OCV' to 'OVP'
P From 'P' to 'PWM '
Q From 'Quarter Brick ' to 'Quarter Brick '
R From 'R' to 'RS485'
S From 'S' to 'System International d’Unites (SI)'
T From 't' to 'TUV '
U From 'U' to 'USB'
V From 'V' to 'Vss'
W From 'W' to 'Working Voltage'
X-Z From 'X ' to 'Zetta '
# From '°C ' to '°F '

Term of the day : 'Vdd'

Voltage Drain Drain. Positive supply voltage of a Field Effect Transistor. The doubled suffix indicates that the voltage is common. i.e. it is the supply voltage to one (or more) drains and not just the voltage at a specific drain.

Download the glossary :

Feel free to download the latest version of our glossary as a PDF file.