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EtherCAT interface option added to programmable DC power supply series

Posted : 09 Jan 2020

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of an EtherCAT interface option to all models in the GENESYS+™ series of programmable DC power supplies. EtherCAT is an industry standard version of Ethernet for control automation technology. It offers more functional safety, flexibility, ease of use, lower cost and faster response times. The EtherCAT option can be used to remotely program, measure and check status of the power supply over an EtherCAT network.
EtherCAT further extends the number of available user operating modes to seven, including the currently available LAN, RS-232/RS-485, USB, Remote Isolated Analog, ModBUS-TCP, and front panel (local) interfaces. During control through the Remote Isolated Analogue or front panel, the GENESYS+™ can still be remotely monitored through the EtherCAT interface.
An XML EtherCAT ESI (EtherCAT Slave Information) file can be downloaded from the application installer. Connection is made through two shielded Ethernet RJ-45 connectors on the rear panel. Software drivers are provided in the software package.

EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.