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The DRB3 Phase Series of power supplies
CE mark UKCA mark IECEE CB Scheme UL listed UL recognition mark EAC mark China RoHS 10 years Products available in EPLAN data portal

The DIN-Rail power supplies in the DRB series are part of TDK-Lambda’s industrial heritage. They can be used in many applications, ranging from conventional switch cabinets and decentralised machinery and systems, to information and communications technology solutions. The series covers the popular output voltages of 12, 24 and 48 volts, and users can choose between screw and push-in terminal blocks. All seven major electrical safety standards are covered, enabling global market access. The DRB’s high operating efficiencies, conservative thermal design and redundant overvoltage protection measures provide maximum system up-time. Product reliability is also supported by a reduced component count and TDK-Lambda's stringent testing requirements. Overall the DRB 3 phase series offers an excellent balance between functionality and price.

Powerful with capacitive loads

Starting into a capacitive load poses a challenge for many power supplies. Thanks to the DRB’s peak power capability of 120 percent for 2 seconds and a constant current overload characteristic, the DRB series can reliably operate under these conditions.

Nuisance circuit breaker tripping? Not a problem!

The input inrush current of the power supplies lasts less than 2ms. This, combined with a very low energy content of the initial current drawn, false or nuisance tripping of the line protection circuitry is avoided.

Distributing load current, enhancing reliability

To provide additional power, DRB models of the same voltage and current can be connected in parallel. Using the front panel dip-switch, the DRBs can be easily configured from single to parallel operation. The load current is then shared between the power supplies, reducing the thermal stress on the electrolytic capacitors and enhancing field longevity.

Supporting system controls

The availability of the output voltage can be remotely determined using the DC-OK relay contact. To avoid false notifications, voltage drops lasting less than 100ms are not reported. The highly responsive inhibit contact enables the DRB power supplies to be turned on and off in an effective manner.


  • Wide 3 phase input range for global mains voltages
  • Power boost of 120% for 2s to support capacitive loads start-up
  • Smart Hiccup behaviour in short-circuit situation avoids self-heating
  • Parallel mode switch to activate load balancing behaviour
  • Two means of transient protection increase process stability
  • Fast OVP control protects sensitive loads
  • Very low inrush energy peak (I2t) saves cost for input line protection
  • Screw (-A0) or push-in (-A1) terminals available to serve individual connection needs
  • High efficiency and low stand-by losses contribute to an eco-friendly energy footprint
  • Strong CC overload behaviour secures process reliability under demanding load conditions
  • DC-OK and inhibit relay contacts for professional integration into applications control architecture
  • Designed to meet the 7 most accepted IEC safety standards
  • Exceeds regulatory EMC standards on radiated emission (Class B), surge immunity and fast transients



Front view -A0
Front view -A1
Rear view
Bottom view
Top view
Left side view
Right side view
Enlarge Front view -A0 Enlarge Front view -A1 Enlarge Rear view Enlarge Bottom view Enlarge Top view Enlarge Left side view Enlarge Right side view

All products are available as -A0 (screw terminal) and -A1 (push-in terminal) versions.



DRB120-12-3-XX DRB120-24-3-XX DRB240-24-3-XX DRB240-48-3-XX
Output voltage nom. 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Output current nom. 10A 5A 10A 5A
Boost current max. 12A / 2s 6A / 2s 12A / 2s 6A / 2s
Mains frequency nom. 50/60Hz
Voltage range max. 3x350..575VAC
Output power nom. 120W 120W 240W 240W
Boost power max. 144W / 2s 144W / 2s 288W / 2s 288W / 2s
Conversion efficiency 1 max. 89.4 / 89.1% 91.3 / 91.2% 93.1 / 93.2% 93.8 / 94%
Service lifetime 1 min. 307,000 / 220,000hrs 343,000 / 258,000hrs 125,000 / 136,000hrs 150,000 / 160,000hrs
Ambient operating temperature nom. -25 .. +70°Camb (power derating from +55°Camb)
Width x Height x Depth max. 55 x 129 x 138.2mm
Weight 660g 780g
Certifications (CB, UL, UR) IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1, 61010-2-201, 62368-1 (Ed.2)
Additional safety standards 2 IEC 60950-1 | EN 60204-1 | IEC/EN 62477-1, 61204-7, 61558-2-16
Output voltage (nom.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 12VDC
DRB120-24-3-XX 24VDC
DRB240-24-3-XX 24VDC
DRB240-48-3-XX 48VDC
Output current (nom.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 10A
DRB120-24-3-XX 5A
DRB240-24-3-XX 10A
DRB240-48-3-XX 5A
Boost current (max.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 12A / 2s
DRB120-24-3-XX 6A / 2s
DRB240-24-3-XX 12A / 2s
DRB240-48-3-XX 6A / 2s
Mains frequency (nom.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 50/60Hz
DRB120-24-3-XX 50/60Hz
DRB240-24-3-XX 50/60Hz
DRB240-48-3-XX 50/60Hz
Voltage range (max.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 3x350..575VAC
DRB120-24-3-XX 3x350..575VAC
DRB240-24-3-XX 3x350..575VAC
DRB240-48-3-XX 3x350..575VAC
Output power (nom.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 120W
DRB120-24-3-XX 120W
DRB240-24-3-XX 240W
DRB240-48-3-XX 240W
Boost power (max.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 144W / 2s
DRB120-24-3-XX 144W / 2s
DRB240-24-3-XX 288W / 2s
DRB240-48-3-XX 288W / 2s
Conversion efficiency 1 (max.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 89.4 / 89.1%
DRB120-24-3-XX 91.3 / 91.2%
DRB240-24-3-XX 93.1 / 93.2%
DRB240-48-3-XX 93.8 / 94%
Service lifetime 1 (min.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 307,000 / 220,000hrs
DRB120-24-3-XX 343,000 / 258,000hrs
DRB240-24-3-XX 125,000 / 136,000hrs
DRB240-48-3-XX 150,000 / 160,000hrs
Ambient operating temperature (nom.)
DRB120-12-3-XX -25 .. +70°Camb (power derating from +55°Camb)
DRB120-24-3-XX -25 .. +70°Camb (power derating from +55°Camb)
DRB240-24-3-XX -25 .. +70°Camb (power derating from +55°Camb)
DRB240-48-3-XX -25 .. +70°Camb (power derating from +55°Camb)
Width x Height x Depth (max.)
DRB120-12-3-XX 55 x 129 x 138.2mm
DRB120-24-3-XX 55 x 129 x 138.2mm
DRB240-24-3-XX 55 x 129 x 138.2mm
DRB240-48-3-XX 55 x 129 x 138.2mm
DRB120-12-3-XX 660g
DRB120-24-3-XX 660g
DRB120-24-3-XX 780g
DRB240-48-3-XX 780g
Certifications (CB, UL, UR)
DRB120-12-3-XX IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1, 61010-2-201, 62368-1 (Ed.2)
DRB120-24-3-XX IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1, 61010-2-201, 62368-1 (Ed.2)
DRB240-24-3-XX IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1, 61010-2-201, 62368-1 (Ed.2)
DRB240-48-3-XX IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1, 61010-2-201, 62368-1 (Ed.2)
Additional safety standards 2
DRB120-12-3-XX IEC 60950-1 | EN 60204-1 | IEC/EN 62477-1, 61204-7, 61558-2-16
DRB120-24-3-XX IEC 60950-1 | EN 60204-1 | IEC/EN 62477-1, 61204-7, 61558-2-16
DRB240-24-3-XX IEC 60950-1 | EN 60204-1 | IEC/EN 62477-1, 61204-7, 61558-2-16
DRB240-48-3-XX IEC 60950-1 | EN 60204-1 | IEC/EN 62477-1, 61204-7, 61558-2-16

All products are available as -A0 (screw terminal) and -A1 (push-in terminal) versions.

Unless otherwise stated, all values are specified in normal mounting position, at full load, nominal input and output voltages, 25°C ambient temperature and a run-in time of 5 minutes.

1 400 / 500VAC
2 The safety design of the products also complies with the harmonised standards mentioned here.

480W and 960W versions coming soon!

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