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Terms & Conditions

TDK-Lambda´s products come with one-year warranty to a limited lifetime warranty.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Certain Products may be sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Only Products that are expressly designated and sold by TDK-Lambda as covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty will be so covered. Such Products will have an extended warranty that is defined as the period ending five (5) years after TDK-Lambda discontinues manufacturing the product (as determined by TDK-Lambda), but the warranty period shall be at least ten (10) years from the date of sale by TDK-Lambda or an authorised distributor to the original enduser.
Maximum warranty period is thirty (30) years. Excluded from this Limited Lifetime Warranty are fans, blowers or other air moving devices or assemblies forming part of the covered Products. The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original end-user purchaser and is not transferable. Neither TDK-Lambda’s standard warranty nor the Limited Lifetime Warranty shall apply to any Product that has been modified or misused, or repaired by Purchaser, other end-user, or by any third party.
Export authorisation
Exporting goods, which are not included in the export list, to an EU member state is subject to authorisation according to § 7 art. 5, 6 and 7 AWV, as well as to other EEC regulations like no. 2580/2001 and 881/2002, if the exporter knows that the final destination of goods is beyond the EU and that a direct export to that destination is subject to authorisation according to §§ 5c, 5d or 5e AWV. Accordingly, this applies to direct exports of goods to a destination, which would be subject to authorisation due to articles mentioned above.

Terms & Conditions of Sale from 08.02.2022

Our terms & conditions of sale are available as a PDF download for all orders starting at 08.02.2022 (German/English).


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Additional conditions for repairs
To avoid delays or damage during transit when returning your device for repair, please pay attention to the following remarks:
  • The RMA No must be attached and clearly visible on the packaging, or should be contained within the delivery notes.
  • For returns of material, original packaging or equal must be used.
  • Additional information about packaging is provided by your shipping company.
  • Heavy units over 50 kg or sensitive equipment must be packed upright on a pallet to avoid damage during transit. We recommend packing your equipment safely on pallet for shipments over 30 kg.
  • We reserve the right to reject the shipment, if the packaging is insufficient.
  • Chargeable shipments will be refused.
  • TDK-Lambda accepts no responsibility for additional metalwork, etc., which may be attached to product when returned. Please ensure such items are removed, prior to return.
  • Additional work (e.g. removal of add-ons or dismantling from housings) is not under warranty and will be charged.
  • Debit notes can only be accepted if issued no later than the date the returned goods are received at TDK-Lambda. The deduction can be done later, but must not exceed a period of 2 weeks.
Repair warranty
Repaired product carries a 6-month warranty, from date of repair.