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AC-DC Power Supplies

AC-DC Power Supplies


NEW MODEL 504W AC-DC Power Module

The 4” x 2.4” footprint, high efficiency PFH500 series of AC-DC power modules are used in environments where convection or forced air cooling is not viable. Suitable for outdoor enclosures or liquid cooled applications, these pcb mounted power modules accept a wide range AC input and deliver an adjustable, regulated 12, 28 or 48V outputs. High ambient temperatures can be tolerated as the conduction cooled baseplate can withstand -40 to 100°C temperatures. These next generation modules also have a PMBus™ interface with read/write capability for remote monitoring and programming.



  • 2.4 x 4” Brick Foot-print with Metal Case 
  • Load Share (optional)
  • High Efficiency 
  • PMBus™ 
  • Suitable for Conduction Cooling


Product Range Information

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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status View PDF datasheet
PFH500F-12-XXX-R 504 12V / 42A
Brick New product   View PDF datasheet
PFH500F-28-XXX-R 504 28V / 18A
Brick Current product   View PDF datasheet
PFH500F-48-XXX-R 504 48V / 10.5A
Brick New product   View PDF datasheet
Key : New productCurrent product

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PFH500F videos

Range Overview Video

PFH500F 500W AC-DC Power Module Video


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What efficiency improvements does the PFH500F AC-DC Power Module offer?

FAQ Video

What functionality is provided by the PFH500F 500W AC-DC Power Module?

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What external components are required to operate the PFH500F 500W AC-DC Power Module

FAQ Video

What are the key features of the PFH500F 500W AC-DC Power Module?

FAQ Video

What is the droop mode current share feature on the PFH500F 500W AC-DC Power Module?

FAQ Video

What do PFH500F AC-DC Power Module evaluation boards provide?

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PFH500F Technical Downloads

PFH500F In the TDK-Lambda Newsroom

12V & 48V models added to 504W conduction cooled AC-DC power module series with PMBus™ communications
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504W AC-DC conduction cooled power module offers leading edge size and PMBus™ communications
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