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AC-DC Power Supplies

Alpha 1000-1500 (CA)

1000 & 1500W modular power supplies
Please note: This product is not recommended for new designs. We recommend the following instead: QM

TDK-Lambda's Alpha series of 1000 to 1500W modular supplies are fully configurable and can provide between one and 16 adjustable outputs. Up to 8 modules – single or dual outputs – can be fitted with output voltages from 1.8V to 48V and output currents of up to 120 amps. No minimum loads are required and inhibit, AC fail, current-share and DC-good signals are available as options. IEC 60601-1 medical certifications are available for the 1000W model.


<ul> <li>1 to&nbsp;16 outputs modular</li> <li>Standard or Configurable</li> <li>No Minimum Load</li> <li>Rapid Connection</li> <li>Wide Range Input</li> <li>EN61000-3-2 Compliant</li> <li>Class B Conducted</li> <li>Low Leakage Medical Versions.</li> </ul>

Product Range Information

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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status View PDF datasheet
Alpha 1500 (up to 16 outputs) 1500 1.8V - 48V / 200A Enclosed Not recommended for new designs View PDF datasheet
Alpha 1000 (up to 14 outputs) 1000 1.8V - 48V / 200A Enclosed Not recommended for new designs View PDF datasheet
Key : Not recommended for new designs

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