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About TDK-Lambda


Corporate Social Responsibility

TDK's corporate motto of "contributing to culture and industry through creativity" reflects the spirit of the company's founder and first president, Kenzo Saito who achieved the commercialization of ferrite. This motto, together with the corporate principles of Vision, Courage, and Trust, truly expresses our management philosophy


TDK-Lambda recognises its duty and responsibility in promoting a sustainable environment. Our policy is to comply with applicable global legislation and to follow the TDK Corporation Environmental Policy which is more stringent than mandatory International laws.

To find out more go to our Environmental Compliance section




TDK-Lambda not only complies with and observes the relevant laws and global industrial regulations, we also fulfill our social responsibilities by providing assistance to both our suppliers and customers. We work to reduce our social impact, including issues such as conflict minerals.




TDK's corporate vision includes "Trust". TDK-Lambda strives to build trust with our customers and suppliers. We aim to provide transparency by publishing the policies under which we operate.

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