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Modular voedingen FAQ

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  • Wat is een modulaire voeding?

    A Modular Power Supply is one that is assembled (configured) using a variety of pre-built building blocks (modules). This gives the customer a maximum choice for his voltage, current, signals & case style.

  • Wat is het verschil tussen een modulaire voeding en een configureerbare?

    They are nearly the same thing, although TDK-Lambda differentiates between ‘modulars’ and ‘configurables’. ‘Configurables’ are configured ‘on board’ with discrete components – take the NV175 as an example – ‘modulars’ on the other hand are configured using modules.

  • Wat is het minimum aantal voedingen dat ik kan kopen?

    At TDK-Lambda you can buy as few as one. Their modular power supplies are built using sophisticated manufacturing methods. The bills of materials are automatically generated, fed down to the production line and then quickly assembled using pre-built assemblies. Stock of the pre-built assemblies is managed by Kan Ban methods that trigger replenishment orders from the various workcells in the facility.

  • Hoe snel kan een modulaire voeding worden geleverd?

    Because the modular units use pre-built assemblies, lead-time can be as short as 48 hours. Most modular power supply manufacturers, including TDK-Lambda, offer a quick-turn service and also have well-established VAR (Value Added Reseller) networks.

  • Zijn modulaire voedingen duur?

    Not really. Prices have dropped substantially since 1980 when TDK-Lambda first introduced modular supplies. They can be very cost-effective in quantities from 1 to 5000 or more units/year.

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