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Power Supplies A to Z

We've included this handy glossary to help with the terminology & abbreviations relating to power products. Pick a letter below to begin, or download the glossary to refer to it whenever you like.

A From 'A' to 'AWG'
B From 'Back Electromotive Force (Back EMF)' to 'Bus Converter '
C From 'C' to 'Curve B (or Class B)'
D From 'dB' to 'Dynamic Load'
E From 'Earth' to 'External Fusing'
F From 'F' to 'Fusible Link'
G From 'Galvanic' to 'Grounded'
H From 'H' to 'Hz'
I From 'I ' to 'Isolation Voltage'
J From 'J ' to 'Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)'
K From 'K' to 'kWh'
L From 'L ' to 'LVD'
M From 'Magnetic Amplifier (Mag Amp)' to 'Multi-Resonant Topology (MRT)'
N From 'Nano ' to 'NTC'
O From 'OCV' to 'OVP'
P From 'P' to 'PWM '
Q From 'Quarter Brick ' to 'Quarter Brick '
R From 'R' to 'RS485'
S From 'S' to 'System International d’Unites (SI)'
T From 't' to 'TUV '
U From 'U' to 'USB'
V From 'V' to 'Vss'
W From 'W' to 'Working Voltage'
X-Z From 'X ' to 'Zetta '
# From '°C ' to '°F '

Term of the day : 'Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)'

A UK based professional organisation. The IEE develops standards of definitions, test methods, symbols, units and safety in the field of electrical science and engineering. Now part of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Download the glossary :

Feel free to download the latest version of our glossary as a PDF file.