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Power Supplies A to Z : "Z"

We've included this handy glossary to help with the terminology & abbreviations relating to power products. Pick a letter below to begin, or download the glossary to refer to it whenever you like.

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Symbol for Impedance.

Zener Diode

A diode that permits current to flow both in the forward direction (like a conventional diode) and in reverse direction. When current flows in the reverse direction, Zener diodes are designed to drop a specified amount of voltage (the Zener Voltage). They are used primarily to regulate the output voltage of low power regulators.

Schematic Symbol for a Zener Diode

Zener Voltage

The reverse voltage at which breakdown occurs in a Zener Diode.


SI prefix multiplier. Multiplies by 10-21. So 100 zF = 100 x 10-21 F. Written as 'zepto'. Abbreviated to 'z'.


SI prefix multiplier. Multiplies by 1021. So 100 ZF = 100 x 1021 F. Written as 'zetta'. Abbreviated to 'Z'.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X-Z #

Download the glossary :

Feel free to download the latest version of our glossary as a PDF file.