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DC-DC Converters

AC-DC Power Supplies

Vega DC

450W DC-DC converter

TDK-Lambda's Vega series of DC input 450W modular supplies are fully configurable and can provide between one and ten adjustable outputs. Up to 5 modules – single or dual outputs – can be fitted with output voltages from 1.8V to 62V and output currents of up to 114 amps. No minimum loads are required and inhibit, input fail, current-share and DC-good signals are available as options. The units are certified to IEC 62368-1 with variety of cooling and case style options.

Vega DC


  • Industry Leading Flexibility
  • Up to 11 outputs
  • Voltages up to 62V, Current up to 114 Amps
  • Screw, Fast-on or IEC connection
  • Worldwide approvals & CB report
  • Medical Approval Option
  • 3 Year Warranty


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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status Datasheet
K00018 450 24V / 6A
5V / 60A
12V / 12A
12V / 12A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
K00022 0 12V / 10A
12V / 6A
5V / 60A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
K90006 450 12V / 18A
12V / 40A
5V / 66A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
K00020 0 5V / 95A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
K00021 0 12V / 40A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
K00019 0 24V / 25A
Enclosed Current product   Datasheet
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