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TDK-Lambda News

1.6kW high density hot swap front end power supplies

Posted : 15 Sep 2010

Leading power supply manufacturer TDK-Lambda UK introduces the HFE1600 series; 1U high, single output AC-DC hot swap front end power supplies that have an industry leading power density for a 1.6kW front-end of 25.2W/in3. Intended for equipment requiring reliable 12V, 24V and 48V bulk power, typical applications include communications, broadcast, military (COTS), laser and process control. Up to 20% output voltage adjustment is possible, enabling the HFE1600 to be customer set according to specific needs. Operating from a universal 85 to 265Vac input, the high efficiency of up to 92% minimises heat dissipation and power consumption thus meeting Climate Savers Computing efficiency standards.

With dimensions of 300 x 85 x 41mm, the HFE1600 power supplies can be used individually or up to 5 units can be mounted into a dedicated 1U available from TDK-Lambda rack delivering 8kW. A total of 10 units can be configured in parallel to form a hot swap N+1 redundant power system with single wire current sharing. A keying system prevents misinsertion of modules into adjacent racks of differing voltage. Each power supply has variable-speed cooling fans and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 to +70˚C.

Output voltage is programmable by resistance, external voltage or optional PM Bus compatible I2C communication interface.

Over voltage, over current and over temperature are standard protection features and front panel mounted DC OK and LEDs are provided for visual monitoring. For system monitoring there are opto-isolated signals for DC OK, AC-fail, over temperature and ‘power supply present’. Remote ON/OFF control and remote sense are included. Monitoring is also available via the optional I2C interface and includes a fan fail alarm.

The HFE1600 hot swap front end power supplies comply with EN55022 and FCC Class A radiated and Class B conducted emissions and meet IEC61000-4 immunity. The units are safety approved to EN/IEC/UL 60950-1 edition 2 with CE mark. All HFE1600 power supplies from TDK-Lambda are backed by a three-year warranty.