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TDK-Lambda News

TDK-Lambda’s ecological solution to bird problems

Posted : 05 Apr 2011

Ilfracombe power supply manufacturer TDK-Lambda, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has employed the services of a local falconer and his Harris Hawk birds of prey to deter crows, seagulls and pigeons from its sites at Kingsley Avenue and Slade.

“During the nesting season in particular we’ve had problems with birds defacing our buildings, causing damage to cars and fouling pavements,” explains Tony Puttick, Health & Safety Compliance Manager at TDK-Lambda.

“Birds of prey are becoming a popular and more natural solution to control bird problems,” says local bird control specialist Lee Agambar. ‘’They do not catch the nuisance birds; instead they act as a deterrent. The pest birds see the area as the hawk’s territory and move on to roost or colonise elsewhere ‘’

Tony Puttick adds: “By implementing this eco-friendly bird control scheme, we expect a reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs as well and heavy fouling of employees’ cars should be a thing of the past.”

A native to South America the two Harris Hawks, called Rio and Cloe, are accustomed to flying in close country and therefore adapt well to build-up areas, such as factory buildings. They will be flown over the two sites regularly over the coming six to eight weeks, and if the bird control programme proves successful will be repeated annually.