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TDK-Lambda News

960W added to TDK-Lambda’s three-phase DIN-Rail power supplies

Posted : 24 May 2010

Augmenting its DPP range of three-phase DIN-Rail AC-DC power supplies, TDK-Lambda has added a 960W model. The DPP960-3 series is available in 24VDC and 48VDC output models, making them particularly well-suited for use in factory automation, industrial control systems and test and measurement equipment.

TDK-Lambda’s DPP960-3 operates from 3-phase AC inputs in the 340 to 575V, 47-63Hz range without the need for switching or adjustment. An important feature of these power supplies is their bi-phase operation; under a dropped phase condition they will continue to operate with output power derated to 80%. All models incorporate power factor correction in accordance with EN61000-3-2.

The DPP960-3 is offered with a current sharing capability that shares power between the paralleled power supplies in redundant or increased power conditions. Output voltages can be adjusted to allow for voltage drop in cables.

For additional convenience in control and automation applications, the 24V model includes a 0.3A rated voltage monitoring relay. Here, the normally open contact closes when the supply output reaches 18.5V +/-0.9V; this can be used to prevent misoperation of devices such as sensors and solenoids at reduced voltage, when their behaviour may be unpredictable, i.e., below their nominal 24V rating. Further protection features of the DPP960-3 series include over voltage, output short circuit and over temperature. The operating temperature range of the power supplies is from
-25°C to +71°C.

The new DPP960-3 series power supplies from TDK-Lambda meet EN55022 Class B EMI standards (radiated and conducted), are CE marked, and are safety-approved to UL/EN60950-1 and UL508 specifications. All models are suitable for either TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 DIN-Rail mounting, and have a robust metal case with convenient screw terminal connections. All models carry a two-year warranty