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TDK-Lambda News


Posted : 20 Apr 2009

Juergen Spengler, Director of Logistics TDK-Lambda Europe

Juergen Spengler, Director of Logistics TDK-Lambda Europe

Whether the power supply order is for one piece or production volumes, the premise for consistently short delivery lead times remains the same. As one of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers, TDK-Lambda is committed to maintaining short lead times and has invested significantly in its European operations to support existing and new customers alike.

Considering the current economic climate, Juergen Spengler, Director of Logistics for TDK-Lambda Europe says: “We are now seeing customers ordering on increasingly short lead times and we are geared up to meet that demand.”

TDK-Lambda’s standard catalogue products central warehouse based in South West Germany has recently been expanded to almost double in size, having a capacity of around 1600 square metres. In addition, an investment of a further €500k in stock of popular models – including new LS low cost, general purpose supplies; the HWS range, which comes with a lifetime warranty; and high density PFE full-bricks – has been made. The company has also improved its logistics efficiency by successfully implementing a pan European ERP system.

From its UK facility in North Devon, TDK-Lambda’s manufacturing and design philosophy enables the company to maintain short lead times for its market leading Configurable products, which include the NV and Vega ranges. “Our commitment to continual investment in equipment enables us to achieve this,” explains Spengler. TDK-Lambda’s new €80k AOI system, for example, speeds throughput and guarantees the product quality and reliability that its customers expect – further equipment upgrades are scheduled.

By ensuring that short lead times are maintained, TDK-Lambda will support current and new customers during the current economic crisis. “It’s our commitment to you to efficiently deliver the right power supply to you, wherever and whenever you need it,” says Spengler.