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TDK-Lambda News

PARALYMPIANS’ BLOG - Claire Cashmore

Posted : 08 Sep 2008

It is now time to move on again, we are off to Beijing tomorrow!! I can’t wait. We leave for the village tomorrow morning after training. Our bags have to be packed and ready tonight to be picked up first thing tomorrow and then we won’t see them until we get to Beijing. It is a 3 hour flight from here in Macau to Beijing however in total it will take at least 8 hours with bus journeys, waiting at the airport and to get accreditation. We are all very excited to see the village. I've heard from the other athletes and staff that it's amazing! I will be sad to leave the amazing food and very comfortable beds here behind though.
Training has been going well over the last few days and I think I have got over the jet lag.
I had a day off at the weekend which gave me some time to rest and recover. It also gave us the opportunity to see some of the local attractions in Macau; I went to see the second largest casino in the world called the Venetian. The interior was incredible and it was like being in a time warp as there was no natural light. The roof is painted like a blue sky giving the illusion that it constantly daytime so that your concept of time destroyed.

We have just had our final team meeting before we depart. The team morale is fantastic. After practising cheers and watching a motivational DVD we all feel very inspired and ready to wear our Great Britain kit with pride and show the rest of the world what we are made off.