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TDK-Lambda News

TDK-Lambda Israel products test result

Posted : 20 Oct 2021

As part of TDK-Lambda contribution to the global efforts of save our plant resources and as part of our mother company TDK vision, we are happy to update you regarding important change in our product test result visibility.
From November 2021, TDK-Lambda Israel (TLI) will stop paper waste printing in our products and we will not add the individual product test result to the unit package, all our test result will be available, online, in our dedicated page in our web-site,
As you can see below, the access is not limited and the only data you need to put is the unit serial number (as wrote on the product white label) and product part number, we encourage you not to print those result and just keep it in your ERP system storage.
 For direct link to our test result page you can click or copy the address: