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AC-DC Power Supplies

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AC-DC Power Supplies

CM4 Modular

600W Conduction Cooled Power Supply

The CM4 range is the world's first conduction cooled modular power supply with a conduction cooled rating of 600W and up to 750W peak power for 5 seconds with up to 4 programmable outputs. CM4 may also be configured as convection or forced air cooled. Combining a 4kVac (2 x MOPP) input-to-output isolation and an 1 x MOPP input-to-ground isolation, the CM4 is certified for for medical and industrial equipment. 5V / 1A standby output is standard on all models and all output modules are supplied with remote sense and remote on/off.

CM4 Modular


  • Conduction cooled 
  • Wide output adjustment 
  • Compact 4 x 7 inch size 
  • MIL-STD-461F compliant 
  • 5 year warranty 
  • External voltage control


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CM4 Modular videos

Range Overview Video

CM4 600W Conduction Cooled Modular Power Supply Video

CM4 Modular FAQ

FAQ Video

What are the key features of the CM4 medical ac-dc power supplies?

FAQ Video

Do CM4 ac-dc power supplies have medical approvals?

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