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TDK-Lambda News

Harsh environment DC-DC converter series extended with additional voltages and power levels

Posted : 27 Jun 2017

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of additional models to the HQA series of harsh environment DC-DC converters.  The series now includes both 85W and 120W ratings with output voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V and 48V. The input voltage is 9V to 40V for the 5 to 28V units and 18V to 40V for the 48V unit.  All models can withstand a 50V surge for 1 second.  With efficiencies of up to 92%, the HQA series is highly suited for use in COTS, communications and industrial equipment.
The HQA series has been qualified using methods consistent with MIL-STD-883, and offers two screening and operating temperature options.  The HQA120 M-Grade has functional testing in cold, hot and room ambient temperatures, and an extended 96 hour burn-in with ten-cycle temperature testing.  The S-Grade (HQA85 and HQA120) has functional testing in hot and room ambient temperatures and the standard burn-in period.  The full load operating temperature for the M-Grade is -55 to +115°C, and -40 to +115°C for the S-Grade.
A constant switching frequency enables easier EMC system compliance and, without the use of optocouplers in the control loops, high temperature long-term reliability is increased. All models feature auto-recovery protection for both input under voltage and output overload. The outputs can be adjusted using the trim function by +/-10%, and turned on or off remotely.
Two baseplate mounting versions are available.  The flanged format measures 60.6mm x 55.9 mm x 12.7 mm, with the non-flanged following the standard quarter brick format and measuring 60.6mm x 39 mm x 12.7 mm.
Safety certification includes IEC/EN 60950-1, UL/CSA 60950-1 with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives.  Input to output and input to baseplate isolation is 2250Vdc.