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TDK-Lambda News

100W single output AC-DC power supplies – ZMS100

Posted : 28 Oct 2014

TDK Corporation announces that TDK-Lambda has introduced the ZMS100, the first unit in the ZM series of sub-300W power supplies. Designed and developed in the UK, the ZMS100 single-output power supply conforms to the new IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical standard with input to output isolation of 4kVac and 2 x MOPP (means of patient protection). Both input to ground and output to ground isolation levels are 1.5kVac 1 x MOPP. With a compact 2 x 4inch footprint and less than 100µA touch current, the ZMS100 is suitable for both Class I and Class II (or double insulated) applications meeting the safety requirements for hospital, clinical, dental and home based medical environments.

About the new ZMS100, Martin Southam, Director of Marketing for TDK-Lambda EMEA says: “Many of our key OEM customers have been asking us to introduce low power products that meet their demanding requirements in terms of cost, size, efficiency and lifetime.”

Meticulous design has maximised electrolytic capacitor lifetime. For example, by minimising ripple current in output capacitors (which causes internal heating) and ensuring good airflow around the components. Furthermore, a longer life ceramic type is used for the start-up capacitor rather than the commonly used electrolytic.

In addition to medical applications, these high performance supplies are equally well-suited to broadcast and professional audio applications; they can be convection-cooled at outputs of 80W and below, so no fan is required and therefore no audible noise is present. Other applications include test & measurement equipment and LED displays and signage.

The ZMS100 range covers all commonly used output voltages from 12 to 48V with 90% typical efficiency, and meets ErP guidelines with less than 0.5W no load power consumption and an average active efficiency of greater than 87% To accommodate non-standard system voltages, the ZMS100 is user adjustable by -5/+10%. Operating from a universal input, the ZMS100 power supply can deliver up to 80W at 50°C under convection cooling and 100W at 50°C in forced air (only requiring a low airflow of 0.37m/s at 230Vac input).

“Uniquely, the ZMS100 has been designed and developed in the UK aimed at the European and North America markets,” adds Southam. “Our heavy investment in R&D enables us to offer our customers an unparalleled level of localised technical support, which is allied to our wealth of application expertise gained in the target market segments.”
All models in TDK-Lambda’s ZMS100 range meet conducted EMI requirements of EN55011-B and FCC Class B (without additional filtering or components) and EN60601-1-2 immunity specifications for greater reliability. In addition, the ZMS100 carries the CE mark, according to the LV and RoHS2 Directives, and comes with a 3-year warranty. Standard ZMS100 models are available ex-stock.