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TDK-Lambda News

Energy saving 150W medical power supplies from TDK-Lambda – the CSS150 range

Posted : 01 Feb 2012

TDK-Lambda UK, a group company of the TDK Corporation, introduces a 150W range to its CSS series of AC-DC medical power supplies – the single output CSS150 combines a 4kVac reinforced input-to-output isolation with dual fusing and an input-to-ground isolation of 1.5kVac to meet global 60601-1 2nd & 3rd Editions safety approvals for medical equipment. The CSS150 is well-suited for many types of medical and dental equipment and other high integrity applications including ATE, automation, broadcast, instrumentation, routers, servers and security networks.

The CSS150 range covers all commonly used output voltages from 12 to 48V with 89% typical efficiency, and meets ErP and Climate Savers Eco-Design guidelines with less than 0.5W no load power consumption. Other features include remote ON/OFF, and overcurrent and overvoltage protection circuitry. Offered in an industry standard 3 x 5” footprint, with a low profile height of 33mm including underside components, the open-frame CSS150 power supply can deliver up to 100W at 50°C under convection cooling and 150W at 50°C in forced air. Worst-case leakage current is less than 250µA at 264Vac/60Hz, complying with worldwide medical equipment requirements.

All models in TDK-Lambda’s CSS150 range meet conducted and radiated EMC requirements of EN55011-B and FCC Class B (without additional filtering or components) and EN60601-1-2 immunity specifications for greater reliability. In addition, the CSS150 carries the CE mark, according to the LV Directive, and comes with a 2-year warranty.