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Power supply manufacturer TDK-Lambda UK donates £2,000 to Ilfracombe’s The Earth Repair Shop community centre

Posted : 20 Jun 2023

From left to right: Nettie Pearson, Chris Pritchard, James Mason, Sophia Henri (©Tim Lamerton Photography)

From left to right: Nettie Pearson, Chris Pritchard, James Mason, Sophia Henri (©Tim Lamerton Photography)

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces that TDK-Lambda has donated £2,000 towards The Earth Repair Shop community centre in Ilfracombe. This will help sponsor two new projects for the centre as it progresses into its third year of operation.

The first is the new “Wild and Edible Ilfracombe!” This involves establishing a network of large food planters around the town for growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs, which will be free for everyone throughout the season. The second is an extensive water quality survey to address sewage and other pollutants along the North Devon coastline, helping to make the popular Wildersmouth beach safe for swimmers.

The community hub was recently set up in the town to provide information, advice, and support for helping residents lower carbon emissions, reduce waste levels, save on household costs and prepare for the impacts of the changing climate.

Chris Pritchard, Finance Director, TDK-Lambda UK, formally presented the cheque to Counsellor Netti Pearson at The Earth Repair Shop on Wednesday 14th of June. He was accompanied by James Mason, a Senior Customer Service Engineer at TDK-Lambda UK. James performs volunteer work for the Earth Repair Shop.

Netti Pearson, a director and founding member, stated “Growing food is vital for our communities and planet. Eating food that is grown locally and seasonally reduces travel miles, unnecessary plastic packaging, and energy for storage. It also helps us to connect to nature and understand where our food comes from, which is one of the reasons we have made sure that we have involved local children and young people in the planting process as much as possible. They will continue to be involved in the care and upkeep of the plants, learning valuable skills along the way.”

Image Caption: TDK presents cheque to the Earth Repair Shop
© Tim Lamerton Photography
From left to right: Nettie Pearson (Counsellor), Chris Pritchard (Finance Director, TDK-Lambda UK) James Mason (Senior Customer Service Engineer, TDK-Lambda) and Sophia Henri (Director, Earth Repair Shop)