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TDK-Lambda News


Posted : 28 Nov 2008

TDK-Lambda adds more functionality to its PFE range of AC-DC MEGA-brick power supplies with the introduction of the 1000W PFE-F Series. Like the existing lower power PFE modules, TDK-Lambda’s PFE1000F combines the AC to HVDC front-end with DC-DC converter into a single module. In addition the baseplate cooled design greatly simplifies the thermal design of the equipment in which they are used. PFE modules satisfy the increasing requirement for fanless high power, especially for outdoor electronics when suitably enclosed.

Up to six PFE1000F units can be operated in parallel, achieving outputs of up to 5.1kW. For use in high reliability equipment, N+1 redundant parallel operation is possible. Space savings of 25% are possible with PFE applications compared to previous generation solutions that utilised a two stage ACDC front end module and DCDC backend module. Typical markets include industrial, high end ATE, quasi military, traffic signs and cellular infrastructure approach.

Models in the fully-regulated PFE1000F series are available in 12, 28 and 48V nominal outputs and can be adjusted ±20%. The 12V versions deliver 720W with a maximum baseplate temperature of 100°C, while the 28V and 48V models provide 1008W.

All versions of the PFE1000F Series have a wide-range AC input that allows operation from any voltage between 85V and 265V at 47 to 63Hz. As standard, they incorporate active power factor correction and input-to-output isolation of 3000VAC for one minute. Over voltage, over current and over temperature protections are also included.

The PFE1000F Series also has additional features such as remote ON/OFF control, inverter operation good (IOG) signal and an auxiliary power supply for external signals (nominal 12V/20mA). In addition, specific to the telecoms equipment market specifications, the PFE1000F features enhanced circuitry to improve lightning surge withstand capability up to 6kV when installed using recommended reference design.

The PFE1000F comes in 100 x 13.4 x 160mm package and can be conduction cooled with a cold-plate or forced cooled with a heatsink. All products in TDK-Lambda’s PFE1000F Series conform to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 safety approvals for general purpose applications. In addition, the units carry the CE mark according to the LV Directive and come with a two-year warranty.