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GENESYS+™ Highest Power Density Programmable Power Supplies

1kW-90kW, 19" Rack in 1U-20U Height | Output 10V-1500V up to 4500A

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The GENESYS+™ range

GH       1kW, 1.5kW Half-Rack 1U 
G          1kW, 1.7kW, 2.7kW, 3.4kW, 5kW, 7.5kW in 1U 
GSP    10kW, 15kW in 2U / 3U 
GSPL  15kW, 22.5kW in 2U / 3U
GSPS  30kW, 45kW, 60kW High Power System in 20U 

Product Highlights

  • High power density 7.5kw in 1U
  • Small & light product - saves cabinet space & cost
  • Speeds up test times
  • High functionality - suitable for many applications
  • Versatile communication protocols
  • Simplifies control

Product Features


  • 1U Half Rack benchtop and 1U, 2U & 3U 19 inch standard rack packages
  • Constant voltage, constant current and constant power limit modes
  • Internal resistance programming function

Control Interfaces

  • Built-In LAN (LXI 1.5), USB, and RS-232/RS-485 Interfaces
  • Built-In Isolated analogue remote control and monitoring (0-5V/0-10V)
  • Communications compatible with Z+ and Genesys series
  • Optional EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, IEEE (488.2) Interfaces
  • Optional Isolated Analog Current Program/Monitor Interface (4-20mA)


  • Arbitrary waveform (up to 100 steps) generation and storage
    (4 storage locations)
  • Fast programming response time with user adjustable voltage and current slew rate. 1.7kW / 3.4kW models include “FAST” option for automotive test.
  • Two user programmable output control pins (open drain) to activate external devices
  • Easy auto-configuration for parallel systems up to 90kW
  • Safe or Auto re-start and last settings memory


  • Variable speed fan (monitors load and ambient temperature)
  • Efficiency up to 92% 
  • 5 year warranty        


  • High contrast, wide viewing angle LCD display with brightness and dimming control
  • Blank front panel and dust filter cover options

Key Specifications

1kW~1.5kW Half Rack series

  • Output Power 1kW/1.5kW in 1U
  • Output voltage range: 10V up to 600V
  • Output current range: 1.7A up to 150A
  • Light weight (less than 3.5kg)
  • GENESYS+TM 1.5kW 1U Half rack

1kW~22.5kW series

GENESYS+™ Series - Suitable for many applications

  • Test and measurement
  • Component testing and burn-in
  • ATE
  • Automotive
  • Automation
  • Laser diodes
  • Battery simulation
  • Renewable energy

GENESYS+™ GSPS High Power System

Configurable solutions 30kW/ 45kW/ 60kW in 20U Height, 19 inch rack cabinet

The GENESYS+ ™ Scalable Power System with GSP15kW SERIES assembly are compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies.

  • Constant voltage and constant current modes with power limit operation
  • Output current up to 4500A and output voltages up to 600V
  • Wide three phase input range 342 – 528Vac or 170-265Vac
Key Specifications 30kW~60kW series
  • 30kW/ 45kW/ 60kW in 20U 
  • Output voltage range: 10V up to 600V
  • Output current range: 51A up to 4500A
  • Parallel Systems (up to 120kW) with Auto-Configure
  • Test & Measurement systems
  • Component Device Testing 
  • Industrial Automation and process control 
  • Semiconductor Processing & Burn-In
  • Aerospace & Satellite Testing
  • Automotive Component & HIL Testing 
  • Medical Imaging • Magnets, RF Magnifiers and Beam Steering 
  • Green Technology 
GENESYS+ TM GSPS 30kW up to 60kW in 20U

GENESYS+™ power sink (PSINK)

GENESYS+ power sink (PSINK)
Provides a fast discharge of the output capacitance designed primarily for the automotive market

Key Specifications

  • 1.7kW/3.4kW/ 5kW - 20V, 30V, 40V, 60V and 100V
  • Constant power discharge rate, 80A maximum sink current 100W constant, 300W peak
  • Enabled / disabled by communications or front panel
  • Disabled 5s after power supply is turned off
  • Includes the internal preload
  • Constant voltage and constant current modes with power limit operation


  • Automotive Test
  • Engine Control
  • Powertrain Control (including hybrid drive technologies and electric drives)
  • Vehicle Dynamics (e.g.: HIL, ESP, damping control)
  • Comfort Electronics
  • Interior Systems
  • Infotainment



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