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Power Supplies for Test & Measurement

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of power supplies suitable for a variety of Test & Measurement instruments and applications such as Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, RF Test Equipment, Battery Testing, ATE and Component Test & Burn-in

ZMS100 Single Output 100W 2 x 4" power supply

Wide choice of Test & Measurement Power Supply Solutions

To satisfy the broad range of Test & Measurement equipment applications we offer standard AC-DC power supply ranges from 5W to 1500W, including configurable models with up to 16 outputs, DIN Rail and Programmable power supplies in 1U, 2U,3U (bench or 19 inch rack mounting).

The compact and highly efficient ZMS range is the latest addition to our extensive AC-DC power supply range.

For the most complex applications we can provide a full custom power supply design service.

AC-DC Test & Measurement

Z+ 2U Programmable Bench or Rack Mount Power Supply

Programmable and Laboratory Power supplies

TDK-Lambda's highly efficiency and reliable benchtop and rack mounted power supplies are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of Test & Measurement applications.

The Z+ and Genesys™ Programmable power supplies are available as standard models from 200W to 15kW and provide solutions over 60kW.

T&M Programmable Power Range

EZA 2500W digitally controlled, 1U Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converters for Test & Measurement Applications

From 1.5W to 2500W, our DC-DC Converter offering includes highly efficient Point of Load converters and the new EZA Bidirectional models

DC-DC Converters for T&M


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