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Преобразователи DC-DC

Источники питания AC-DC


Новaя Линейкa 500 to 750W, 18 to 32V and 18 to 60V Input Non-Isolated Step Down DC-DC Converter

The i7A series can be used to derive additional high power outputs from a 24V, 36V or 48V DC power supply, at a much lower cost than isolated DC-DC converters. Efficiencies of up to 98.5% minimise internal losses and allow the i7A to operate in ambient temperatures of -40oC to +125oC, even with low airflow conditions. The i7A’s design provides low output ripple and excellent response to dynamic loads. Very few required external components are required, compared to discrete solutions, saving cost and printed circuit board space. A choice of three mechanical configurations is available, measuring just 34mm wide and 36.8mm in length. The 11.5mm high open frame model is most suitable for applications requiring a very low profile. A baseplate version for conduction cooling to a cold plate is 12.7mm high, or models with an integral heatsink for convection or forced air cooling are 24.9mm high. Standard features include an output voltage adjustment trim pin, + remote sense, remote on-off (positive or negative logic), input under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.


Характеристики и преимущества

  • Up to 750W in a 1/16th Brick Footprint
  • High Efficiency - Up to 98.5%
  • Wide 3.3 to 18V or 3.3 to 24V Output Adjustment
  • 18 to 32V or 18 to 60V Input Ranges
  • Low Component Count With Minimal External Components
  • Minimal Derating Requirements in Low Airflow Environments


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Модель Мощность (Вт) Выходные параметры Исполнение Статус Наличие на складах Просмотреть техническую документацию в PDF
i7A4W033A033V 500 3.3V - 24V / 33A Open Frame pcb mount Новый продукт Наличие   Просмотреть техническую документацию в PDF
i7A24045A033V 750 3.3V - 18V / 45A Open Frame pcb mount Новый продукт Наличие   Просмотреть техническую документацию в PDF
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i7A 750W, 18 to 60V Input Non-Isolated Step Down DC-DC Converter

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24V input DC-DC step-down (buck) converters deliver 750W in a 1/16th brick footprint
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500W step-down DC-DC buck converters have an output adjustment of 3.3V to 24V and a 1/16th brick footprint
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