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Juridische informatie


The following TDK-Lambda products are protected by patents in the UK, U.S. and elsewhere.

This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and the UK Intellectual Property Bill [HL] 2013-14. Other TDK-Lambda products not listed here may also be protected by one or more patents.

Alpha 400GB2301489
Alpha 600GB2301489, GB2302619 (B)
Alpha 1000GB2301489, GB2302619 (B)
Alpha 1500GB2301489, GB2302619 (B)
EFE300, EFE400, EFE300M, EFE400MWO2004027968 (A1), GB2393336, JP4166219, GB2483287, patents pending
EFE300-48WO2004027968 (A1), GB2393336, JP4166219, GB2483287, GB2483287, patents pending
MU4patent pending
NV100, NV175, NVM175WO2004027968 (A1), GB2393336, JP4166219
NV300WO2004027968 (A1), GB2393336, JP4166219, GB2439134 (B)
NV350, NV700WO2004027968 (A1), GB2393336, JP4166219
Vega (450, 650, 900)
+ Vega-Lite (550 & 750)
GB2301489, GB2302619 (B), GB2343070 (B), GB2378000 (B), WO0207296 (A1)