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Welcome to the TDK-Lambda Newsroom

TDK-Lambda Got a Certificate for Contributing to Saving 2,267 MWh in 2019

Posted : 01 Jun 2020


 The certificate was awarded by the International Renewable Energy Credit (I-REC) Standard.
 An Energy Attribute Certificate is an instrument that provides a unique statement representing the ownership rights to the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. It verifies that electricity was generated and fed into the grid from an eligible renewable energy resource (such as wind, solar, hydropower).
In the case of TDK-Lambda Israel, the attributed energy source was a ground-mounted solar PV station.
TDK-Lambda already plays an important role in the renewable energy market, as a power solutions provider, and has been serving local and global green energy companies.
Our power solutions are embedded in solar panel testers, wind turbine systems, electric vehicle charging stations, smart buildings and more.